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About Digital Art / Hobbyist ☽ 「 매웬 Œミツキ 」22/Female/North Korea Groups :iconbts-namjoon: BTS-Namjoon
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JUNMYEON_LOVE ME RIGHT. by MaewenMitzuki JUNMYEON_LOVE ME RIGHT. :iconmaewenmitzuki:MaewenMitzuki 62 5 TAEHYUNG_LADYBUG. #FORMYBRO by MaewenMitzuki TAEHYUNG_LADYBUG. #FORMYBRO :iconmaewenmitzuki:MaewenMitzuki 138 31 BTS_WAR OF HORMONE_CHIBIS. by MaewenMitzuki BTS_WAR OF HORMONE_CHIBIS. :iconmaewenmitzuki:MaewenMitzuki 140 27 CHIBI_JIN_WAR OF HORMONE. by MaewenMitzuki CHIBI_JIN_WAR OF HORMONE. :iconmaewenmitzuki:MaewenMitzuki 119 17 CHIBI_JUNGKOOK_WAR OF HORMONE. by MaewenMitzuki CHIBI_JUNGKOOK_WAR OF HORMONE. :iconmaewenmitzuki:MaewenMitzuki 147 16 CHIBI_RAP MONSTER_WAR OF HORMONE. by MaewenMitzuki CHIBI_RAP MONSTER_WAR OF HORMONE. :iconmaewenmitzuki:MaewenMitzuki 156 29 CHIBI_J-HOPE_WAR OF HORMONE. by MaewenMitzuki CHIBI_J-HOPE_WAR OF HORMONE. :iconmaewenmitzuki:MaewenMitzuki 161 19 CHIBI_SUGA_WAR OF HORMONE. by MaewenMitzuki CHIBI_SUGA_WAR OF HORMONE. :iconmaewenmitzuki:MaewenMitzuki 166 32 CHIBI_JIMIN_WAR OF HORMONE. by MaewenMitzuki CHIBI_JIMIN_WAR OF HORMONE. :iconmaewenmitzuki:MaewenMitzuki 160 38 CHIBI_V_WAR OF HORMONE. by MaewenMitzuki CHIBI_V_WAR OF HORMONE. :iconmaewenmitzuki:MaewenMitzuki 170 36 NAMJOON_SPRING DAY. by MaewenMitzuki NAMJOON_SPRING DAY. :iconmaewenmitzuki:MaewenMitzuki 237 47 SEOKJIN_SPRING DAY. by MaewenMitzuki SEOKJIN_SPRING DAY. :iconmaewenmitzuki:MaewenMitzuki 303 76 JACKSON_JUST RIGHT. by MaewenMitzuki JACKSON_JUST RIGHT. :iconmaewenmitzuki:MaewenMitzuki 185 20 TAEHYUNG_SPRING DAY. by MaewenMitzuki TAEHYUNG_SPRING DAY. :iconmaewenmitzuki:MaewenMitzuki 241 40 JUNGKOOK_SPRING DAY. by MaewenMitzuki JUNGKOOK_SPRING DAY. :iconmaewenmitzuki:MaewenMitzuki 280 51 YOONGI_SPRING DAY. -#HAPPYSUGADAY. by MaewenMitzuki YOONGI_SPRING DAY. -#HAPPYSUGADAY. :iconmaewenmitzuki:MaewenMitzuki 272 41


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☽ 「 매웬 Œミツキ 」
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
North Korea
STAMP Sehun Ceci by ajikaji Kim Namjoon | Rap Monster | BTS Stamp by alpakami Blood, sweat and tears - Rap Mon stamp by D-g-A STAMP Tao Ceci by ajikaji
Stamp - Exo 1 by ajikaji EXO-Kris Stamp 01 by AtsuKiro Stamp - Seho Kiss by ajikaji Stamp EXO-K ChanYeol 01 by AtsuKiro Stamp - Exo 2 by ajikaji

🌙 Maëwen (매웬) 159cm, 13.10.1994. ♎ My ubs are Kim Namjoon and Oh Sehun. ♥
My otp are Taohun, Vmin, Yoonseok. I'm split hair. I ♥ milk and chocolet- I love aesthetic. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
I was at KCON PARIS 02.06.16 & VIXX PARIS 18.09.16. I'm EXOARMY-L, +kard/vixx/nct,mx
I'm in love with Namjoon, Sehun, Jimin, Suho, Taehyung, Leo, Kris, Chanyeol, Tao, Haechan.♥
Ma fav characters are Akashi, Murasakibara, Izaya, Arthur, Yuno, Envy, Obito, Zelos, Green..
Sometimes I pray for having more arms to give you more stuff, never stop drawing. (.◎ω◎)
ALSO, I put my soul in my drawings so, DON'T COPY/REPOST MY ART OR I'LL EAT UR FAMILY.
My shop here.

ToS - Zelos Wilder Fan Stamp by hiiragi-the-tempest Espeon Stamp by StrawberrieMew Doge stamp by TrollcreaK Ditto Stamp by MissBezz ToS2 - Ratatosk Fan Stamp by hiiragi-the-tempest
durarara stamp 2 by Xiahism Nagito Komaeda Stamp by DarkTortureX Akashi seijuurou stamp by Kouha1 Stamp Mirai Nikki by MisakiAmour:thumb270124912:
:iconwinterplanet: is bae. ♥
Rainbow cloud divider by ArtsyAndreaM

maj : 25.05.2017.
to-do list: pink by themaunster
YO! : 0/1. • Lotto Sehun: 0/1. • Lotto Suho : 1/1.WoH Namjoon : 0/1.
Monster Sehun: 0/1. • Lucky One Sehun : 0/4. • Before/After Yeol Love Me Right : 1/1.
Before/After Jimin Run : 0/1. • Ladybug V : 1/1. • Sailor RM : 0/1. • Namjoon Glasses : 0/1.
Redhair Tae : 1/1. • Redhair Joon : 0/1. • Haechan : 1/1. • Yugyeom Just Right : 0/1.
Hani PinkHot : 0/1. • On and On : 0/?. • Error : 0/1. • Taeyong : 1/1. • Closer Leo : 0/1.
NOW3 Namjoon : 0/1. • NOW3 Jimin : 0/1. • Rainbow Hun : 0/1. • Unfair Hun : 1/1.
YNMA Namjoon. 1/1.Chanyeol FLuv : 0/1.Suho Love Me Right : 1/1.T.O.P : 1/1.
NOW 3 JK : 0/1. • Shownu : 0/1. • 21st Namjoon : 0/1. • Baekhyun CBX : 1/1.
PPAP Changkyun : 1/1. • Jungkook Detective Conan : 0/1. • Arirang Suga : 0/1.
Kai Love me Right : 0/1. • Yoonji: 1/1.Jackson Just Right : 1/1.
ZICO : 0/1. • Yoonseok : 0/1. • Hansung : 1/1. • Banryu : 0/1. • killerJK : 0/1.
Ong Seongwoo : 0/1. • Kang Daniel : 0/1.

Chibis→ Pute : 0/2. • Kigurumi : 0/?. • mflpt.2 Run : 7/7.mflpt.3 Fire : 7/7.
Lucky One : 0/9. • Love me Right : 0/?. • Taohun Growl : 1/1. • Bae Bae : 0/5.
Chained Up : 6/6. • Sailor & Lady : 0/2. • Maid : 0/2. • So Hot : 0/5. • BST : 0/7.
War of Hormone : 7/7. • Young Forever : 0/14. • Not Today : 0/7.

Spasme→ Obito : 0/1. • Ino : 0/1. • Sasuke : 0/1. • Sai : 0/1. • Akashi : 0/1.
Zelos : 0/1. • Yuno : 0/1. • Envy : 0/1. • Vincent Valentine : 0/1. • Squall Leonheart : 0/1.

Colabs→ Fire Truck : 0/1. • N.O ♥ Hormones : 0/1.




BTS Lollipop Taehyung 
Eyy! ♥♥
I started a preorder for my BTS Acrylic Standees! You can check my tictail shop, I also give a A6print of your choice as a gift even if you take one standee. ♥
It's here!

Take care i will close it in ~ten days.
Have a nice day and thank you for your support. ♥♥♥
BTS Emoticons#17 
Hello, sorry to disturb you, you know, I hate to post serious or sad things... I don't want to act like a victim or something. But I'm pretty sick and sad right now. Someone posted my BST Suga fanart on Instagram, cropped my name, and said "it's not yours shut up". Lol. I love spend days, nights on my drawings, it's not mine you're right sorry. The fuck? I just want to vomit right now? Like I cry since one hour lol. So.. I want to ask you something.. If one day you saw one of my art not in my Deviantart / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram, can you please tell me.  And please, do not copy my artworks, I saw 3 cases of copy in 2016, I cry everytime I saw that, lol, don't do that, I'm pretty scared and disgusted right now. Understand that the artist don't want people to do that, they spend time on their works, please respect, for fucking sake. I will continue to report everytime that I saw a reposted fanart of someone. Let's do that for JUSTICE. -Justice for 2017. And also rip english.

Confused Sehun
WTF is happening with my life this month?! You maybe know; my Kyungsoo and Baekhyun LUCKY ONE fanarts are in this moment displayed at SM COEXTARIUM. And, now, my latest drawing, BST Suga is now at 1600+ likes on IG, I usually have 150-250likes but not more? I have 1000 followers on Instagram right now? I was at 670 yesterday just wtf. Is that the Suger fault? Suga in Shock Suga

What is happening?

And someone contacted me for a fanbook project with many artists for MAY/JUNE 2017 about a group.. :shook: And guess what?.. I SAID YES- ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I want to say, thank you everyone here who follows me. 2016 is about to end, I hope u guys are ok. ♥ Kisses BTS Emoticons#20 
VIXX Emoticon#6
Ok don't worry guys I'm alive².
I was at Paris, for VIXX concert the 18.09.16. ♥
Cute Innocent Naiive Angel Aegyo HongbinCute Innocent Naiive Angel Aegyo HongbinCute Innocent Naiive Angel Aegyo HongbinCute Innocent Naiive Angel Aegyo HongbinCute Innocent Naiive Angel Aegyo HongbinCute Innocent Naiive Angel Aegyo HongbinCute Innocent Naiive Angel Aegyo HongbinCute Innocent Naiive Angel Aegyo HongbinCute Innocent Naiive Angel Aegyo Hongbin 
I have much things to say, but my english smell shit.
You should know... it was amazing, they started with 
Chained Up, It was the end of me, really. Eh, I gave
my drawing to Leo. Leo's hand is the most smooth
on this planet. But omg, they are so beautiful,
funny, Maybe should I wrote a journal thing
about it if you want? 
Idk? Tell me! I'm so lost right now.
VIXX Emoticon#8N and Leo grab chokeembarassed shy cringe lol omg vixx Nembarassed shy cringe lol omg vixx NVIXX Emoticon#5IM MAD ANGRY FURIOUS - Just KiddingVIXX Emoticon#4Leo Says No SmileLeo Says No Smile
Thumbs up 
Don't worry I'm alive. ♥ 
I was at KCON PARIS the 02.06.16.
The most beautiful moment of my life, really!! *u*
And now the EXO comeback is slaying my heart.
screaming screaming screaming screaming screaming screaming screaming screaming screaming screaming 

These bastards, Ton of things to draw. I hate them.
I want to be a lucky one, come in FRANCE EXO.
And you know, at the KCON, I brought my EXO
lightstick like a stupid hoe, haha, I love my life.
Eyecontact Jimin, Jin, Namjoon.. etc. :dying:
EXO & BTS are my lifu.
Kisses EXO - Tao Emoticon 


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I really love your style and the colors of your drawings are amazing ^^
My favorites ones are IM PPAP and SEOKJIN SPRING DAY, but in fact all are so beautiful Love 
I would love to have your drawing skills :squee: 

P.S: Sorry for my bad english, i need to practice more >.<
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